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Simple Like Never Before

The ASN app creates optimal conditions for automated deliveries. The supplier’s shipping employee simply takes a photo of the packing unit with the labels attached to it via smartphone. The ASN app and InTrack Web – the associated Web application for logistics employees in the office – take care of the rest, making the process convenient, fast, and reliable. Once the photo has been taken, a powerful image recognition algorithm comes into play, analyzing the image, identifying all the information printed on the labels, and comparing them with the planning data. Incorrectly specified quantities are automatically identified, in which case the logistics planner can be informed immediately via the ERP system. If everything is correct, the app creates an ASN. Practical: no additional hardware is required.

It's that easy

ASN App on smartphone

Photographing the packages

Open the ASN app and simply take a picture of the packing unit. The image will be sent to the back end. The recognized data is compared with the data from different systems.

ASN App on smartphone

Uniform and mixed palettes

It is possible to photograph uniform and mixed palettes. Thereby it has to be ensured that all labels of a palette are visibly photographed in one image.

ASN App on smartphone

Review and preparation of the ASN

The system recognizes the photographed labels by using a neural network. Even if the labels are dirty or defective, the unreadable data is automatically and quickly assigned by a cognitive algorithm.

The shipping employee verifies the generated data and can adjust it manually in case of deviations. The app automatically creates an ASN.

All advantages at a glance

Optimize your deliveries for greater reliability than ever before. Take advantage of automated processes, be informed immediately of any discrepancies and benefit from a more efficient logistics process.

Better planning, higher efficiency

Automatic ASN generation allows you to increase your planning precision and work much more efficiently.

Mistake prevention

Because suppliers no longer need to enter information manually, mistakes are effectively avoided.

Convenient operation

It couldn’t be simpler – grab your smartphone, take a photo, and the ASN app takes care of the rest.

Satisfied customers

By integrating the ASN app into your logistics process, you can improve your service and adapt to the requirements of many customers.

InTrack Web

The InTrack Web application provides a convenient overview of all the ASNs and booked deliveries.

Trucks at the gate

In the background, InTrack Web recognizes all label types in the photo provided by the ASN app and registers all bar codes, numbers, and texts. The information read is compared with data stored at various locations, and the automatically generated ASNs are transmitted to the ERP system. InTrack Web also provides an overview of all the ASNs and makes it possible to track booked deliveries. In addition, the supplier has proof of the quality of the delivery. All the images are displayed on the dashboard for an optimal overview. InTrack Web thus makes it simple to document error-free delivery of goods to the recipient and provide proof that the goods were handed over intact and in their entirety.

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