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What is the InTrack Driver App?

The InTrack Driver App is a powerful yet lean IT solution that can be easily implemented, is based on real-time data, and is tailored to your requirements in logistics management. While most standard solutions only provide location data, the InTrack Driver App goes well beyond that. The InTrack system gives you real-time updates about deviating quantities and quality defects, frees you from relying on paper documents, and requires no additional hardware – your driver’s smartphone and a PC are enough. What’s more, Bosch made it a priority to develop a system that is convenient and easy to use. With bar codes and QR codes, truck routes can be started, delivery verification can be simplified, and manual data entry can be minimized.

It's that easy

Driver app on smartphone

Inform driver about tour

The tour is sent to the driver by SMS via the InTrack Web. By clicking on the link, the tour is opened directly in the app.

Driver app on smartphone

Confirm route status

By sliding a button the driver confirms important milestones of the route. He confirms the arrival at tour stops, the pick-up and delivery of goods.

Driver app on smartphone

Report quantity and quality defects

The app can also be used to notify the office of any quantity deviations or quality defects such as broken labels or damaged packaging. These can be conveniently documented by photo and additionally commented as required.

Driver app on smartphone

Simplified proof of delivery

The driver can take a photo of the delivery note. It is directly available in the InTrack Web and invoicing can be initiated at an early stage.

All advantages at a glance

The InTrack Driver App gives you full control over your supply chain.

Reliable GPS tracking in real time

You track the exact location of your goods and their delivery times.

Easy job assignment

Drivers receive all of the necessary route information directly on their mobile devices.

Simplified delivery verification

Integrated bar codes and QR codes in the app free you and your drivers from printed paper documents, making delivery verification easier.

Comprehensive problem management

Deviating quantities and quality defects are detected before the goods are delivered so you can respond even more quickly to solve any issues.

User-friendly back end

Employees can access all job information easily in an application so they can look up component and transport job numbers or quantities as quickly as needed.

Flexible use

With the InTrack Driver App, you do not need any additional hardware.

InTrack Web

The web application, InTrack Web, can be used to easily assign transport jobs and keep an eye on any quality defects.

Trucks at the gate

Simply create the transport job in InTrack Web and give the job sheet to the driver. Then stay up-to-date throughout the delivery route using the driver’s status messages and the system’s data analysis. InTrack Web calculates a realistic arrival time, sends automatic status updates, warns you immediately if there are deviating quantities or quality defects, gives you delivery verification in real time, and provides important KPIs upon completing the route.

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