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InTrack Dock & Yard Management – optimizing your logistics resources

Anticipatory planning

The Bosch InTrack Gate and Dock Apps are apps for the Dock & Yard Management of plants and warehouses. It includes security processes and an efficient management of docks and yard as well as staff allocation. The basis for an efficient and fast turnover of goods is an anticipatory planning. Only when the time window for the arrival of a vehicle is known the docks can be optimally utilised. Moreover, manpower will be deployed in a efficient manner and delivery traffic on the site controlled. The InTrack Gate and the Dock App as well as the accompanying web application InTrack Web make all these processes even more convenient: Together, these components enable communication between the logistics services provider, driver and hub as well as between the control station and the warehouse employees. The employees are always informed in real time about the arrival time of the vehicles and about there whereabouts on the yard. As a result docks can be automatically reserved and goods can be loaded or unloaded after registration without delay. If the arrival time changes, InTrack Web adjusts the planning and dock reservation flexibly and completely automatically.

Gate App

Dock App

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Gate & Dock App on tablet

Time slot allocation

Time slots can be reserved and managed via the InTrack Web. The reservation does not yet have to be made for a specific dock, but can optionally be made for only a service time.

The reservation will later then be completed with the dock information.

Gate & Dock App on smartphone

Always keep track of the yard

As soon as the vehicle arrives at the gate, it is registered via the InTrack Gate App and can be assigned to a parking space if desired. In the case of an unregistered transport, the employee creates a new load reference at the gate or the driver creates a new load reference via the InTrack Gate App in the case of "self-registration". The results of a security check can also be documented in the InTrack Gate App when the vehicle enters and leaves the yard.

Gate & Dock App on smartphone

Register vehicle arrival at the yard

You can use a universal search to look for relevant shipments, for example, by license plate, load number, and shipment number.

After selecting one or more interlinked shipments, these are registered in the InTrack Gate App.

Gate & Dock App on tablet

Call to dock

Via the InTrack Web Portal, the employees can call up the vehicles and thus grant permission to drive to the reserved dock after a documented safety check.

Gate App on tablet

Safety check of arriving vehicles

With the call-up to the dock, a new field is displayed for the vehicle in the InTrack Gate App. The security staff can now call the vehicles for a security check and document the results of the security check. If required, comments and photos can be added to the InTrack Gate app.

After a successful safety check, the vehicle can drive to the assigned dock for loading or unloading or open gate barriers on the way there.

Dock App on tablet

Arrival and departure of the vehicle at the dock

The dock employees document the arrival of the vehicle in the InTrack Dock App.

Using the InTrack Dock App, the dock employees document the arrival and departure of the vehicle from the dock. In another step, the dock can be released for the next vehicle.

Dock App on tablet

Documentation of vehicle arrival and departure from the dock

If required, pictures and comments can be added to the InTrack Dock App on vehicle arrival and departure. Also load safety can be confirmed.

Finally, before departure, the loading or unloading is confirmed by the dock employee and optionally by the truck driver with their signatures.

Dock App on tablet

Dock release

The dock employee finally decides in the InTrack Dock App at which time the dock should be available again for the call-up of a following vehicle.

Gate App on tablet

Seal check departing trucks

With the departure from the dock a new tile is displayed in InTrack Gate App (in case the truck needs to be sealed).

The gate staff can document for relevant truck the attached seals („Capture“). Optionally additionally comments and photos can be uploaded through the InTrack Gate App.

Dock App on tablet

Safety check of vehicles departing from the yard

With the departure from the dock, a new field is displayed for the vehicle in the InTrack Gate app.

The security staff can document the results of the security check for vehicles. If required, comments and photos can be added to the InTrack Gate app.

If visitor passes or loaner phones (mobile phones for communication with the driver) were issued during the vehicle registration, they are also displayed and can be requested back by the gate employees.

Gate & Dock App on tablet

Documentation and reporting of all loading events

Via the InTrack Web Portal, all generated events for a vehicle or its loads can be retrieved at any time and downloaded into a CSV file.

In the detailed view, all comments and images can be viewed and downloaded.

All advantages at a glance

Optimize your goods received and goods issue and plan the utilization of ramps and personnel more reliably than ever before:

Optimal utilization of docks

For registered transports, the web application automatically allocates a dock for the time window in which the delivery is expected.

Efficient use of manpower

Thanks to real-time data, the exact time, the number of packages and their volume as well as the weight of the delivery are known. This allows you to plan exactly how many people will be needed at the dock, and when they will be available again.

Optimal traffic flow control

By using the InTrack Gate App, you know who is driving into your yard and how many vehicles are there - so you keep track of traffic and deliveries.

Simplified and flexible processes

With the InTrack Dock App, you can turn manual processes into IT-supported, automated processes while still remaining flexible: you have control at all times and can continue to manually assign ramps to deliveries as required.

Status events

Thanks to status updates based on real-time data, you always have an overview of the current status of incoming and outgoing goods as well as the current dock occupancy. Moreover the complete history of goods issue and incoming goods, from registration at arrival to departure from the yard including all comments, security checklists and pictures taken, are retrieveable.

InTrack Web

Trucks at gate

Using InTrack Web, the carrier reserves a time window for the transport. In combination with the InTrack Driver App geofences can be used which means that as soon as the vehicle reaches a specified point on its way to the delivery location, the Dock App automatically reserves a ramp and updates the expected delivery time based on real-time data.

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