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Goods receipt booking via InTrack Receive App.

Fast and reliable

With the Receive App, Bosch offers logistics service providers and employees in goods receipt a fully automated goods receipt booking and damage detection system. All the employee has to do is take a photo of the packing unit with his smartphone. The App and InTrack Web, the associated web application for the logistics manager in the office, do the rest. Once the photo has been taken, a powerful image recognition algorithm comes into play. This algorithm analyzes the image, recognizes all the information printed on the labels and compares it with the planning data. Incorrect quantities are automatically detected and the logistics planner is informed immediately via his ERP system. If everything is correct, the Receive App books the incoming delivery in the ERP system. Practical: No additional hardware is required.

All advantages at a glance

The InTrack Receive App optimizes your goods receipt bookings

More efficient booking

Thanks to automatic booking in the ERP system, incoming goods employees or logistics service providers work much more efficiently.

Error prevention

Because manual entries are no longer necessary, errors are effectively prevented.

Reliable quantity review

InTrack Web immediately detects and informs you of incorrect quantities.

Convenient to use

It couldn't be easier - pull out your smartphone, take a picture and the Receive App does the rest.

No expensive hardware necessary

You do not need any additional special hardware. With the Receive App you simply lower the costs of the goods receipt process.

InTrack Web

Trucks at gate

In the background, InTrack Web - the associated web application for the logistics manager in the office - recognizes all label types on the photo transmitted by the Receive App and captures all barcodes, numbers and texts. The imported information is compared with data from various sources and the goods receipt is posted in your ERP system. InTrack Web makes it possible to track all incoming goods bookings. The supplier also has proof of the quality of the delivery. For an optimal overview, all images are visible on the dashboard.

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