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The InTrack XMS App improves the cross-dock by using real time data and smart algorithms. On delivery, predefined checks are carried out at the inbound area of the cross-dock for each package, such as the condition of goods or the use of valid labels. The results are documented and processed. The app then transmits all data to the sorting area, where the delivered and inspected goods can be assigned to their storage locations. The XMS app provides the cross-dock staff information about the storage location of all goods of an transport order at any time. Furthermore, it informs them which goods need to be picked next in the sorting area or which orders are ready for goods issue in the outbound area.

The XMS App accompanies the entire flow of goods in the cross-dock, from inbound to sorting to outbound area, and increases its efficiency. Not only does the app provide transparency where goods are located, but also it is able to plan their further processing. The app enables a flexible division of warehouse areas in the sorting and outbound area, which can be combined with individual call-off or cut-off times or events, such as geofencing.

Using the XMS App your transport orders and picking processes will be carried out more efficiently, while helping you to keep track of all your goods and eliminate unnecessary transport routes, which ultimately saves you time, money and resources.

It's that easy

XMS App on tablet

Optimization of the cross-dock

Using the InTrack XMS App, the employees in the cross-dock know at any time which packages belong to which transport order, where they are located or when and which actions are already documented. Moreover, the employees have an overview which planned action will be required next for the package.

Thanks to defined cut-off times, you are automatically informed when packages have to be picked, transported or loaded.

XMS App on tablet

Inspection of packages at goods receipt

At goods receipt, the packages are checked for damages and correct labels (barcodes). If necessary, photos and comments for packages can be added. In addition, missing packages or surplus packages can be recorded and documented in the InTrack XMS App.

XMS App on tablet

Sorting of packages in goods receipt

After the incoming goods inspection, the packages are stored in the next defined storage area according to defined cut-off times and e.g. hazardous or customs goods definitions.

InTrack Web on tablet

Assignment of forklift drivers to packages to be transferred in goods issue

In the InTrack Web portal, you can decide which forklift drivers you want to assign to the stock transfer work orders generated by the system, either individually or automatically.

Once the assignment is completed, the forklift drivers see "their" packages in the InTrack XMS app.

XMS App on tablet

Sorting of packages in goods issue

In the goods issue the packages are optionally checked again for damage and, if required, photos and comments for packages can be entered.

Also, packages that are no longer available and surplus packages are recorded.

XMS App on tablet

Package inspection and loading control in goods issue

The packages can be checked optionally for damage at goods issue and, if necessary, photos and comments can be entered. Also, packages that are no longer available and surplus packages are recorded.

Finally, the loaded packages are documented and a loading list is generated with documentation of the vehicle departure.

XMS App on tablet

Always have a complete overview with the monitoring function

With the monitoring function, you always have a up-to-date documentation of the packages in the cross-dock, where they are and in which condition.

All historical movements of the packages can also be retrieved.

XMS App on tablet

Documentation and reporting of all package events

Via the InTrack Web Portal, all generated events for a vehicle or its loads can be retrieved at any time and downloaded into a CSV file.

In the detailed view, all comments and images can be viewed and downloaded.

All advantages at a glance

Optimize your cross dock more reliably than ever with the InTrack XMS App.

Flow of goods at a glance

With the InTrack XMS App, employees at all levels of the Cross Dock process always know where goods are located.

Fast receipt

The InTrack XMS App provides criteria for the inspection of the delivered goods and supports the documentation of the results with defined checklists and the possibility to save photos and comments.

Storing packages in a clearly arranged buffer

The cross-dock employees use the app to assign the goods to optional storage locations at all stages of the cross-dock process. The InTrack XMS app then informs you where exactly the goods are located.

Efficient order management

With the InTrack XMS App, employees always have an overview of all incoming and outgoing goods orders. Thanks to defined cut-off times, employees are informed when packages have to be picked, loaded or transported.

Optimal resource utilization

The improved planning makes it possible to save time, resources and work equipment.

InTrack Web

Trucks at gate

The logistics manager can see transparently which goods need to be loaded form the cross dock area for goods issue within the InTrack Web.

With just a few clicks, forklift drivers can be directly assigned to goods issue tasks via InTrack Web. As a result resources in the warehouse to be planned and controlled more efficiently. Each forklift driver receives his work items on his tablet and thus knows exactly what to do next. The InTrack Web also sends automatic e-mail notifications when a defined process step has been successfully or unsuccessfully completed. So you are always informed in real time about your warehouse activities and have full transparency. In addition, optimization potentials in the cross-dock can be made visible, and resource-efficient utilization can be achieved.

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